Project: Follow

It’s been a while since I’ve signed in with anything acting. I’ve been working on a writing project for my book FOLLOW: Akashic Dreaming Through Time to develop it into a script. It’s very exciting and with a deadline of early next year to be complete. In the meantime, I’ve had auditions and I’ve traveled.  Looking forward to more news on the acting front.

Take care, be blessed, practice gratitude and kindness. Until next time.

Summer Auditions – Yay!

Summer is usually a slow time for auditions. The most you’ll see are commercials and some movies. Television shows start shooting in late July. I had the pleasure of audition for a nice role on a Showtime show. I’ll keep you posted if it becomes a booking. Fingers crossed for this or something better.

Postcard News

Wanted to share my last postcard which I’ll be mailing out soon.  Mailings were supposed to go last month and then I attended an amazing seminar which made me rethink the format and this is the finished product.

New and Improved Website

After many years of using a set website developing program, I’ve branched out and created one on WordPress.  I like the minimalist vibe.  Please stay tuned for more updates and thank you for visiting my new site.