After many exciting, creative, adventurous, courageous and tireless pursuits, Sonia has finally found her sense of place.  While design studies might have added color and flair to her surroundings and self-expression, while producing an online magazine might have introduced her to some unforgettable figures, while attaining an academic degree might have conferred knowledge and insight and while an ongoing 20 year acting career might have bestowed both dreams and opportunities writing has provided a long-awaited landing where all these traits and experiences have come together.

Sonia’s writing draws from both her traditional and atypical backgrounds.  Born in Chicago to humble, hard-working Puerto Rican parents, Sonia took to heart their enduring refrains: never lose your integrity, stay committed to your dreams, and always have a sense of humor about it.  Sonia applied this to all her endeavors, be it her struggle to become one of the first in her family to receive a Bachelor’s degree (UCLA, Ethnomusicology), her entrepreneurial ventures (publication and nationwide distribution of her fanzine LOZT, featuring interviews with musicians from Ozomatli, Echo & the Bunnyman, The Clash, and John Lydon (Sex Pistols) of Public Image LTD) and her lifetime dedication to acting (appearing in films such as A Happening of Monumental Proportions, Expired, Harsh Times and Hollywood Homicide and televisions shows including The Unit, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas and many other).

Her latest love, however, is also one of her earliest.  Although Sonia began entertaining with song, acting and dance at a very young age, at the same time she was expressing herself through writing poetry and lyrics.  She admits that her attraction to abbreviated writing genres such as short stories stems from her limited attention span.  However, each story is packed with varied life experiences (punk rocker, designer, property manager).  Instead of submitting to the stereotype (the feisty Latina), Sonia writes about themes common to most women, such as the woes of dieting and the unpromising pursuits.  This is not to say that her background doesn’t provide a rich foundation for her writings; a completed and well-received poetry book Inspire Me: Raw.  Sonia has studied creative writing with Director-Producer Che Rae Adams (LAWC).  Her new book  Follow: Akashic Dreaming Through Time was just released on Amazon.  She plans to release Inspire Me: Raw 2 this year (2019).